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Chin Na Locking

What is Chi_MG_7375n Na? 

Chin Na Is the Chinese art of seizing and controlling. focusing on joint locking, it is suitable for beginners, continuing students and indeed students of any martial style that engages in close range striking, grappling and joint  locking.  Chin Na, is known for its effectiveness in controlling opponents through its techniques of locking joints or muscles/tendons, thereby setting up the next step of strikes, cavity presses and other potential damage to opponents. Chinese Qin Na   is the root of the Japanese martial arts of Aikido and Jujitsu and is part of most Chinese martial styles. Clearly it is a useful addition to any martial style.

In YMAA Qin Na the techniques mainly originated from the White Crane style (70%) and the Longfist style (30%) and the Chin Na Qualifying program consists of 6 Levels

The fundamental Level covers Theory, History and Categories of Chin Na and Structure of the joints as well as a number of Finger, Wrist, elbow, Shoulder, Neck and Waist locks.

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