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Yang’s Martial Arts Association
was established in Boston, MA in 1982 by Grand Master Dr. Yang, Jwing Ming.  With the intent of preserving traditional Chinese Kung Fu and Qigong , Dr. Yang began training students in the rigors of Shaolin Long Fist and White Crane Kung fu as well as Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan. Dr. Yang also undertook his life-long dream of teaching and researching the Chinese arts and introducing them to the West through many books, videos and DVDs.

Yang’s Martial Arts Association currently has over 50 schools in eighteen countries, all committed to the practice and teaching of Chinese Martial Arts training.   YMAA International has produced a new generation of Masters, such as Pedro Rodrigues, Vitor Casqueiro and Robert Was in the Shaolin arts and Ramel Rones and Roger Whidden in the Internal Art of Tai Chi Chuan.

In January 2008, Dr. Yang’s youngest son, Nicholas Yang, became the new President of YMAA International and head of the YMAA Boston school. In March, 2008, Dr. Yang moved to CA, and a 10-year training program began at the YMAA Retreat Center in September 2008.

With many other high level instructors across the association YMAA is now a close knit community with a great bond between many schools and countries.   These bonds are cemented with regular national and international training camps and seminars.  The future of YMAA is bright.

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