YMAA Kung Fu & Tai Chi Ireland


There are 3 grading paths to follow within our Academy.  Click the links below for details.


YMAA Academy Black Sash Program

The YMAA Ireland Academy Grading System uses the External Shaolin International Syllabus from Yang’s Martial Arts Association as its core.  The International system sets a pathway for all students to follow and allows them to develop their fundamental skills, learn the White Crane and Longfist Styles and deepen their understanding of Martial Arts as they progress.

The program sub divides each Shaolin Level to allow members to set themselves shorter term goals and to better focus on set aspects of the program.

The YMAA Ireland Academy grades allow for better progression and skill development by:

  • Offering more regular Local grading’s scheduled between YMAA international grading’s.
  • Motivating our members and give more guidance throughout their training.
  • Establishing a practical and more comprehensive methodology to allow for practical skills in all areas of Martial Arts – Punching, Kicking, Wrestling Locking and Weapons.
  • Building better training practices to aid in body conditioning and recovery so as to add longevity and to help all reach their full potential.
  • Offer specialised modules of training to allow more in-depth practice beyond the fundamentals offered within the YMAA International Syllabus.
  • Bridging the gaps; between all the styles, the internal and the external and the traditional and the contemporary.
  • Providing avenues for our members to work towards becoming experts in specific areas of the program.

As proud members of YMAA International we endeavor to pass on the arts at the highest quality and help our members find fulfillment and good health through Martial Arts.


Shaolin Kung Fu Grading Program

YMAA International External Grading, consisting of Shaolin Longfist and Whitecrane Kung Fu .


Tai Chi Chuan Grading Program

YMAA International Internal Grading, consisting of Yang Style Tai Chi Quan.