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Chinese Kickboxing


Sanshou or Sanda means “free fight” and is the real application of the attack and defence techniques of Chinese Kung Fu. Sanshou was created similarly to modern Wushu by the Chinese Government in the 60s, grouping masters from all over the country and defining a standard fighting style, in order to rationalize the huge heritage of thousands of styles and techniques existing in China. The techniques employed in Sanda are based upon punches, kicks, grappling, throws and locks! Therefore giving its practitioners a well rounded game and trains all the skills required to deal with every type of fighting with the exception of ground fighting!

Like other styles of Kickboxing, Sanshou uses fast and dynamic punching and kicking techniques, what’s unique about the Chinese style of Kickboxing is the great emphasis on throwing and sweeping your opponent. This element adds a great attacking option to each fighters arsenal and also is used with great effect as a defence against kickers and punchers. This element makes Sanshou one of the most exciting combat sports on the planet and it is on the fast track to becoming an Olympic sport.